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At Northern Virginia Ophthalmology Associates, we pride ourselves on providing thorough, comprehensive eye care for all of our patients.  This care involves the entire patient experience from customer service to medical care.  Below is a summary of what to expect when you arrive at one of our offices for an appointment.

Because of the nature of our exams, we estimate that every appointment will take between


45 minutes to 2 hours


from the time a patient arrives in our office until the time they check out with our Front Desk staff.


We ask that all patients arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment times to ensure enough time for our Check-In process.


Upon arriving to our office, please use the Front Desk signs to direct you to the appropriate physician's sign-in desk.  Then, please write your name on the next available line on our sign-in sheet.  Our Medicial Receptionist will greet you and ask for the following information:

  1. Your Name

  2. Photo ID

  3. Insurance Card(s)

  4. Referral (If you have an HMO insurance or if you are part of a participating program)


Our Medicial Receptionist will then provide you with some forms to complete.  If, at any time, you have questions while completing the forms, please feel free to speak with our Receptionists; they are well-versed in all of our forms.


While you are completing your forms, our staff will:

  • Scan your photo ID and your insurance cards into our Electronic Health Records system

  • Confirm that your referral is valid

  • Confirm that your insurance is active using our automated insurance eligibility-checking system.


Once you have finished completing your forms, please bring them back up to the desk.  The Medical Receptionist will return your photo ID and insurance card(s) to you.


Your chart will be placed on the desk and you will be asked to wait for one of our Technicians to call you to an exam room.


IMPORTANT:  If you have an outstanding balance on your account, our Check-In person may inform you of this balance when you arrive in our office.  This person may also attempt to collect your outstanding balance prior to your examination.




Many of our special studies tests are performed before you see your physician.  If you are scheduled for a special studies test (Visual Field, OCT, Fundus Photos, etc...), our Special Studies Testing (SST) Technicians will come to the waiting area and call your name upon completion of the Check-In Process.  


Our SST Technician will explain to you how each test works and then begin the test.  Once you have completed the test, you will be escorted back to the waiting area to be called to an exam room.


When an exam room becomes free, one of our Technicians will come to the waiting area and call you by name.  Once you are in the exam room with our Technician, that person may do the following:

  • Ask for any updates to your medication history (It is very beneficial to us if you bring a list of your current medications with you to your appointment).

  • Ask your smoking status

  • Ask your family medical history


The Technician will enter your responses into our Electronic Health Records system.  Then, he/she will inquire about the reason for your office visit and ask if you have any complaints related to your vision.  This information will be written on your chart note for your physician to review.


Our Technician may also:

  • Perform a refraction (for your glasses prescription update)

  • Administer dilation drops

  • Check your eye pressure (for glaucoma patients or glaucoma suspects)


If, at any time, you have a question about the information being collected or the procedures being performed by our Technicians, please feel free to ask them questions.


After the triaging process and following your dilation (if applicable), you will be seen by your physician.  During your examination, your physician will discuss:

  • The reason for your eye visit

  • Your general eye health

  • Special Studies Test results

  • Any eye health concerns you may have

  • Plans for follow-up care and maintenance


If warranted, your physician will also provide you with educational material, or ask a staff member to provide this information to you.


If you have an upcoming surgery, your physician may perform additional tests on you and may provide you with surgery-specific documents for review.



When your examination is complete, your physician will escort you back to the Front Desk.  


At that time, our Medical Receptionist will review the billing summary of your visit and do the following:


  • Collect your copay

  • Collect a refraction fee (depending on your insurance plan)

  • Collect any outstanding balance

  • If you have an unmet deductible amount for office visits, the Medical Receptionist may attempt to collect the cost of our services, up to your unmet deductible amount.


If you make a payment using your credit card, you will receive an automated receipt.  To receive an itemized receipt via mail, please request one from the Medical Receptionist.  These receipts are mailed out at the end of our business day.


The Medical Receptionist will enter your diagnoses for your visit along with the procedures performed.  Then, you will be offered a summary of this information.  Note:  To receive this information electronically, please register or log into our Patient Portal.


If the physician would like to see you back within a year, you will be asked if you would like to schedule that office visit when checking out.    Any follow-up appointment that is at least 6 months out will receive a reminder letter in the mail if you do not schedule your appointment in our office.  Otherwise, you will be asked to call us back when you are ready to schedule.


Before leaving our office, you will be offered sunglasses to protect your eyes if they were dilated.  Even if it is cloudy, we strongly encourage our patients to accept and wear these sunglasses when leaving our office. 


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