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We participate with a wide range of insurance plans.  Please review the list below to find out if our practice participates with your insurance plan.  

To find out if a particular physician participates with your insurance plan, please contact one of our offices.

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PHONE:  (703) 534 - 3137   

FAX:       (703) 237 - 8923


6565 Arlington Blvd.

Suite 250

Falls Church, VA  22042


If you do not see your insurance listed below and you still wish to see one of our physicians, you may schedule an appointment as a self-pay patient and pay out-of-pocket for services rendered.  Note:  Due to contractual obligations, we are prohibited from treating any Medicaid patient as a self-pay patient.



Most medical plans will pay for medical eye exams.  A medical eye exam may include treating diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, or uveitis, to name a few conditions.  Some medical plans will also pay for routine eye issues such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.  If your medical insurance plan does not offer coverage for routine eye services and you do not have a vision plan that we participate with, you may be asked to pay for all or a portion of your eye exam visit when checking out.  


For more information about our policies on medical insurance plans, please refer to our Check-In Form when you visit our office.


We accept the following medical insurance plans:


  • Aetna

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial Plans

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicaid Plans*

  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield of D.C. (Including Federal Plans) (Only in our Fairfax office.)

   (Note: Our physicians do not participate with CareFirst Blue Choice, effective December 5, 2023)

  • Cigna 

   (Note: Our physicians do not participate with the Cigna SureFit  or Cigna SureFit with Performance One Network plans.  We do not participate with Cigna Connect plans.)

  • Medicare (except HMO plans)

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • MultiPlan / PHCS

  • Railroad Medicare

  • Tricare Standard

  • United Healthcare 

  • Virginia Medicaid* (Limited to only: Anthem Healthkeepers Plus and Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Medical Assistance)

  • Worker's Compensation


*  The following physicians are not accepting new Medicaid patients:

  • Christina A. Bruno, M.D. 

  • Jinali R. Diora, M.D.

  • Forrest J. Ellis, M.D.

  • Amy R. Jeffery, M.D.

  • Nancy A. Morrison, M.D.

  • Jessica E. Oliver, M.D.

  • David J. Seidman, M.D.

  • Justin C. Torosian, M.D.

Visions plans typically pay for routine eye services such as annual eye exams, glasses, and contact lens services.  During an eye exam, a physician may find a medical problem with your eyes (for example, glaucoma or cataracts).  If you are deemed to have a medical eye problem, and you do not have a medical insurance plan that we participate with, you may be asked to pay out of pocket for all or a portion of your eye exam visit when checking out.


We only accept the following vision plans associated with Vision Service Plan (VSP):


  • Cigna Vision (Only administered by VSP)

  • MetLife Vision

  • Vision Service Plan Choice & Signature Plans


Important:  If you are a patient who only has (an accepted) vision insurance, it is our company policy that you must been seen by one of our optometrists for your eye exam.  If our optometrist determines that you have a medical eye condition, the optometrist will refer you to see one of our ophthalmologists for follow-up care.


NVOA also participates with several charities and programs to provide eye care to the residents of Northern Virginia.


Some of the charities and programs we participate with include:




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Our Practice will be collecting unmet deductible amounts for any patient with one medical insurance if that insurance has a high remaining deductible amount.  The amount collected will be up to our allowed payment under the contract for your insurance plan.  This policy applies to office visits and surgeries.  If you have questions regarding our policy, please contact our Billing Department at (703) 534 - 3137.  
If you have questions regarding your remaining deductible amount or your plan coverage, the best point of contact is your insurance provider.  The phone number for your insurance plan administrator is usually located on the back of your insurance card.


Patients who do not show up for their appointments and do not call to cancel ahead of time will be charged a $50 no-show fee for each no-show visit.  This fee will be expected to be paid prior to or during the patient's next office visit.  Additionally, patients with three or more no-shows during any period of time may be subject to dismissal from the Practice at the discretion of their physician.  

Patients who cancel an appointment without rescheduling with less than 24 business hours' notice will be a charged a $50 late cancellation fee for each late cancellation.  This fee will also be expected to be paid prior to or during the patient's next office visit.

If you feel that you have been charged a fee in-error or if you would like to discuss a fee that has been added to your account, please contact the Office Manager at the office where you were seen.

*All other policies not explicitly listed here can be found on our Check-In and Practice Policies patient forms.

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If you wish to pay an invoice or pay for your office visit, we accept the following forms of payment:


  • Cash

  • Personal Checks

  • Cashier Checks

  • Money Orders

  • Visa Cards

  • MasterCard Cards

  • Discover Cards

  • American Express Cards

Note:  At this time, we do not accept CareCredit cards.

Payment may be made online, over the phone, or in-person in one of our offices.  If you choose to make a payment online or over the phone, a credit/debit card payment is required.
Receipts are available for all payments.

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