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Amy Jeffery, M.D. Announces Retirement


To my patients and families:

I am writing to let you know that I will retire from medical practice on February 29, 2024.

I wish to thank all the families who have shared their children with me over the last 16 years. You have given me a very special privilege and I truly appreciate it.

Our group, Northern Virginia Ophthalmology Associates, has many kind, experienced, and talented ophthalmologists.  Fortunately four of your doctors are fellowship trained and have a special interest in medical and surgical eye care for children. I recommend all of them for the ongoing care of the children I have seen in recent years. Families only need to call our office and ask to see one of our pediatric ophthalmologists to arrange ongoing care for their children. The medical records are available in all our offices for my partners to use in establishing a new relationship with those children and families. Any family that wishes to obtain their records and seek pediatric ophthalmic care elsewhere is welcome to ask for a copy of their records. I recommend that if seeking care elsewhere, it is mot appropriate to seek it from an ophthalmologist specializing in the care of children (MD pediatric ophthalmologist) and to seek follow up care on the schedule that I recommended when your child was last seen.

Thanks once again for sharing your children with me.

Warmest personal regards,

Amy Jeffery, M.D.

Northern Virginia Ophthalmology Associates, P.C.

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